Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Energy Exchange Nights

They are back!

Our Energy Exchange evenings.

Monday October 4th ~ Copperfield

Wednesday November 3rd ~ location tbd

Wednesday December 1st ~ location tbd

Come and join other members of the Goddess Collective 
to exchange "samples" of your gift/craft.

Participants are expected to give and receive
2 (or 3) 20 minute sessions to one another.

Examples include Reiki, Reflexology, Card Reading, etc.

There is no cost (besides the "love offering" jar for covering the refreshments).

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Please feel free to spread the word to other light workers you know.

If you have a space that might be suitable to host an energy exchange, please let us know!

~ The Goddess Collective

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthing from Love ~ A workshop with Gemma Stone

Birthing from Love is a program that I created based on the specific processes that have helped me, and my clients, release all types of fears that can surround childbirth.  
Here's what I think about you and your upcoming birth: you know how to birth from a place of love, even if you’ve never done it before (you just may need a little support to remember how to do it). 

This course is all about giving you the strength, confidence, and self-awareness to know that no matter what happens during your birth experience you have everything you need within you to handle all the expected and unexpected events that may happen.
If you are looking for something different, something powerful, something to increase your confidence and sense of peace about your upcoming birth you have come to the right place.
Whether this is your first pregnancy and you’re facing the unknown, second pregnancy and you had a challenging first birth, or third pregnancy and you’re looking for a different experience this time around you are welcome to join us.

- Gemma

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